About Us


After 1997, besides his civil engineering job Metin Simsek started to work on redesign, modernisation and research projects for air guns and developped trigger mechanisms for those weapons. In 2013, he was interested in Traditional Turkish Bow and  started some personal R&D projects which later will be the roots for Simsek Bow.

Those R&D projects improvised continously during 2014-2016 period and finally in the beginning of 2017 all those hard works resulted in a brave, innovator, modernist but at the same time bound to traditions brand: SiMSEK BOW

SiMSEK BOWS is an independent venture started by father and son engineers Metin Simsek and Onur Simsek with no connecton to any other 3rd person, institution or establishment of any kind.

 Our main goal is to prove to the world that; just like a few centuries ago; the best Turkish bow again can be made in Turkey by Turkish bowmakers.

Metin SiMSEK
Master Bowmaker
Production Planning

Traditional Turkish Bows made in Turkey by Turkish bowmakers

SiMSEK BOW is a Traditional Turkish Bow company founded in Bursa, Turkey.

We are Metin SiMSEK and Onur SiMSEK; father and son engineers; the founders of Simsek Bow. 

Our main headquarter is located in the beautiful green city of Bursa, on the valleys of the mountain Uludag. And our production workshop is in a warehouse in the Bursa - Nilüfer Industrial Area.

Our main target is to manufacture the best replica of the original Traditional Turkish (Ottoman Sipahi) Bow which can be seen in the museums and to show that the best Turkish bow can be made by Turkish bowmakers in Turkey. 

Our goal is to give the value it deserves back to our own tradition.