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Şimşek Bows products are Turkish bows made in Bursa, Turkey, by Turkish bowmakers

MADE TO ORDER - 2-3 weeks

For stock availability; please contact us first. We make bows continously, so stocks can change daily. Mostly we do not work on selling finished/ready bows from the stocks, we make bows due to orders. The process is only start after the order placed with details AND payment is cleared by our accounts.After that, we check our stocks and inform you. If we have the bow want in our stocks with same/similar features like the one you requested, we will send it asap, If we don't have the exact bow; may be you want to to change the specifications for an available one. Otherwise we need ~3 weeks time in order to manufacture a standard bare/naked bow.

DECORATIVE PAINTING ADD-ON (add to cart as a seperate item):

Only available for (+) Leather covered versions.


There is a traditional usage for these bows as to paint some decorative ornaments, religious or traditional designs on the bow. If you want your bow with painting on it; just select that option. It requires an extra +100.-EUR price difference. We will provide you some samples to choose from. You can choose one of those designs or ask for your own desing. When confirmed, we will send the bow to the artsist for the painting. It will also need an extra ~1 week for the artist to finish.


After the ecommerce functionality activated in our website, we start taking orders online. Other tha that we can accept PayPal Payments, PayPal Invoice Management System, TransferWse, Western Union, bank-wire transfers via IBAN/swift code, etc.

Before taking any action, please contact us first
Especially about the "availability" of any Draw Weight



The productionn range for the draw weight of NEW Simsek Junior is 21~24 / 25~29 / 30~33 lbs. While ordering an exact poundage is not available, but if there is any stock available, you should have the right to choose. In the final product there can be a +-2 lbs tolerance.


The standard products has a fixed color as the wings, heads, grips and kasans are BLACK only. (Simsekbow has its rights to change the color options according to the production capacitiy)


All of our products are under warranty for 1 year. Because of the nature of this product; it is not suitable for adults. The deformations of such use and personal misusage is not included in the warranty.


This is a "Pre-Paid" campaign also known as "Made To Order". We try to make some stocks available but there may be no product ready/available in the stocks. We accept PAYPAL PAYMENTS. If there is available item ready in stock we will offer it and if accepted will send it asap. Otherwise the production will begin just after the payment is confirmed. We need 3~4 weeks time for the complete processes. So; the product will be available to send in 4 weeks.


The package is about 90cm x 30cm x 5 cm and ~1kg. So shipping can be much higher if preferred some fast carriers.

We are working with governmental Post Office: PTT and some other carriersike PTS, US, DHL etc…. So the Shipping Fees are fixed for 2 zones:

Standard Postage:
Rest of the World
: 35€ (+5€ for each additional item)
: 50€ (+10€ for each additional item)
Fast Delivery Services:
Rest of the World
: 50€ (+5€ for each additional item)
: 75€ (+10€ for each additional item)


For companies/organisations who want to be a reseller of our products, just contact us. We had some extra discounts or gift packs.


For companies/organisations who want to be a reseller of our products, just contact us.We had some extra discounts or gift packs.


This listing is time and capacity lmited as mentioned in the stock availability displayed.


Domestic and Foreign sales have different terms and conditions because of their natures. So don't be confused with any other announcements, shares or publications. This is the official announcement of the original manufacturer; SIMSEK BOW.


In our standard production line; We basically have 3+1 models in renewed "NEW"-series :

New Şimşek Hybrid : Ottoman Sipahi style, base model
New Şimşek Sipahi : Smaller version of the base model especially for horseback archery
New Şimşek Çağan : A Crimean-Tatar design, longer than Hybrid base model
New Şimşek Çağan Short : Smaller version of the Crimean-Tatar design New Şimşek Çağan, longer than Hybrid base model
New Şimşek Junior : Modified version of Şimşek Sipahi model for kids/teens


new Şimşek Hybrid :Base model
new Şimşek Hybrid Plus :With leather wrapped
new Şimşek Hybrid T:Tezhip Art painted on leather
new Şimşek Sipahi :Smaller version for horseback archery
new Şimşek Sipahi Plus :With leather wrapped
new Şimşek Sipahi T:Tezhip Art painted on leather
new Şimşek Çağan :A Crimean-Tatar design, longer than Hybrid base model
new Şimşek Çağan Plus :With leather wrapped
new Şimşek Çağan T:Tezhip Art painted on leather
new Şimşek Çağan Short :Smaller version of new Şimşek Çağan
new Şimşek Çağan Short Plus :With leather wrapped
new Şimşek Çağan Short T:Tezhip Art painted on leather
new Şimşek Junior :For kids/teens


All of these 4 models are synthetic-bows made out of some chemical mixtures which can also be categorized as all-resin / one-piece / modern-material bow. No wood or horn used; not laminated so no delamination issue. They are all suitable for training and tournament usage unless limited to certain materials like "natural bows category"


Unlike laminated or natural bows, you don't have to pack your equipment when you see a few rain drops or not have to wait for a sunny day. Yoou can go on using your bow on heavy rains.

To get a simple idea, please watch the short video:


For a general info;
we can say that we try to make our bows a little bit smaller than many other makers
and than make them more smaller again.

We created some measurement diagrams for all of our bows.

Our base model "Simsek Hybrid" is relatively a big bow in our inventory,
but with 102cm string length and 108cm length when braced;
it is one of the short Turkish bows in the market.

Developed from the base model, shortened like 10cm;
the "Simsek Sipahi" model, (beside from some child bows and toys)
can be the shortest Turkish bow with the 92cm string length.

You can check the diagrams and compare the measurements with some other bows.


We measure our bows @28" standards. Standard Production is 20-30 lbs for Junior and 30~45 lbs for other models.

• Heavy Weights (for New Simsek Hybrid models)

46 lbs and over weights can be manifactured in Special Production conditions with a price difference of +50€ for each additional +10 lbs range.

• Max Weigths

New Simsek Hybrid has no limit on max poundage: In standard Production it is 30~45 lbs, but 50lbs and over weights can be manifactured in Special Production conditions with a price difference of +50.-€ for each additional +10 lbs range. The max poundage we manifactured is a 250+lbs bow


Although we use modern materials and equipments; traditional bow making is not like machine-made/mass-production. This is still a handwork of a master bowmaker, thus it takes time.

And as there are at least 5 different models and 3 main variations for each models; considering we can make bows within a Draw Weight range starting from 15 lbs up to 250+ lbs; we can not always have stocks for every possible model in every draw weight!

Considering the different variations and versions; that will be more than a few hundred bows only to have them all available in stocks which is not possible for a small company like us and don't think anyone will have such a huge stock!

That’s why Handmade master craftmenship production is not like making for stocks and then selling ready items from shelves.

It is like a pre-order that can be described as:


- decides the items and features

- places them into cart and creates an order

- then finalize payment at checkout

After we:

- confirm payment

the process of making a bow starts.

First the order is placed, payment cleared and then the production process begins.

For the process:

- We start making the base "bare/naked" bow (if available in stocks skip this)

- We send bow to leather shop for covering to (+) vèrsion (if available in stocks skip this)

- Leather covered bow will be sent to artist for (+T) Tezhip Art edition

- The artist starts painting the bow according to work load and schedule

- When finished we will pack the bow and send to buyer

Yes; first we check the stocks for available bows.

If there are any matching ones, we can continue with that otherwise it will be added to the production list.

In general; making a bow from the start to the "naked" base model take 2~3 weeks depending on the poundage. For (+) versions, it will need another +1 week for the leather covering and retouching. And if Tezhip-art wanted, then it will be scheduled to a local artist which may take 2~4 weeks according to the design and the artist's programme.


The package is about 100cm x 35cm x 10 cm and ~1,5 kg.

We are working with national Post office (PTT) for economy class postage.

The rates vary according to the destination country. But we fixed the SHIPPING Fees for 2 zones:

Europe: 35€

Rest of the World: 50€

If preferred Fast Delivery Services (Ups, DHL Express)

Europe: 50€

Rest of the World: 75€


In these strange days of global pandemy; in some countries even the most trusted postal services started acting weird. So it is recommended to select Fast Delivery Services.


For communication purposes, rather than email messages; it may be more faster and easier to use some Instant Messaging apps like Messenger or WhatsApp:

+90 531 859 52 59

or any other platform you prefer. Telegram, Line, Skype... etc