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NEW Simsek Ottoman short Sipahi:

Ottoman Sipahi style short bow,


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For the review by Mr Armin Hirmer on YouTube:

NEW Şimşek Sipahi (also known as Simsekbow Sipahi) is our renewed Traditional Turkish Bow (Ottoman Sipahi Bow) model with some design changes and modifications of our orevious Hybrid model in order to be useful for Horseback Archery needs.

Basically it is the smaller version of the Simsek Hybrid model; but only in size wise.

For the performance wise; it is a fully functional tournament level equipment..

It is fully wraped in real-leather to prevent from weather conditions. Thus it is resistant to cold and hot weather. (+) sign at the end of the model name, represents this leather add-on feature.

It offers comfortable shooting without clogging with a 28 inch (recommended) but available for a 29 inch; draw within the safety tolerances..

It is resistant to moisture, which is a major problem for laminated bows. It is absolutely unaffected by water.

Shooting in the rain or in the water is not a problem for NEW Şimşek Sipahi.

Both the production technique and the composition / prescription of material are new for traditional archery.

Both the weight and the reflex of NEW Şimşek Sipahi are very close to the laminated bows.

The "hand shock" problem is minimized with the leather wrap and the flexible grip inside filling.

It is also suitable for medium and advanced use as reflex and shooting comfort, as well as a good starting and training bow with high tolerance to durability and user faults.

The form of the NEW Şimşek Sipahi+ PLUS is a successful replica of historical Ottoman-Sipahi bow form you can se at museums.



Length - End-to-End     112 cm

Length - Nock-to-Nock 105 cm

Length - Bow String         92 cm

Brace Height                     17 cm

Draw Length                     27~28"recommended), 29" (available)

Draw Weight                     30~45 lbs (std)


Turkish bows made by Turkish bowmakers made in Bursa, Turkey.



This is the same developed version of the bow model Mr Armin Hirmer reviewed in his YouTube channel:

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