Simsek BAYRAK (Flag) Bundle Set


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Simsek BAYRAK (Flag) Bundle Set


(Simsek Crescent & Simsek Star)

Newest models added to our production line is a set of 2 bows,
targeted for the beginners or training purposes,
with low poundages for low budgets:

Şimşek Ay (Simsek Crescent) & Şimşek Yıldız (Simsek Star)

After a long Research & Development process with execive tests,
these bows are finally on sale via our website.
These 2 models are not only differs in size but also the design styles and draw weights.
Despite its short size, Ottoman Sipahi style Şimşek Yıldız has a 28" draw length and manifactured in ~15 lbs.
Longer one, Şimşek Ay is a Crimean Tatar model with 29" draw length and ~25 lbs draw weights.


Material is basically known as "Polyplastics" which is suitable for injection molding and colorisation.
So for a start there are 3 color options: Black , Green and Brown

As in our previous models; these 2 new bows are also designed to represent the authentic look and performance so as to make a historiacally accurate replicas.

Bundled together; Şimşek Ay and Şimşek Yıldız forms Şimşek Bayrak (Simsek Flag) Set 
which is dedicated to those who wants to start Turkish Archery for ages from 7 to 70,
with a discount and additional extra accessories.

------------------------------------- Material : Polyplastics Design : Ottoman Sipahi style Draw Weight : 15~20 lbs @28" Draw Length : 28" DIMENSIONS of Simsek YILDIZ (Star) ------------------------------------- LENGTH Nock-to-Nock : 105 cm String : 96 cm TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Simsek AY (Crescent) ------------------------------------- Material : Polyplastics Design : Crimean Tatar style Draw Weight : 20~25 lbs @28" Draw Length : 29" DIMENSIONS of Simsek AY (Crescent) ------------------------------------- LENGTH Nock-to-Nock : 122 cm String : 108 cm