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NEW Simsek Sipahi  Junior:

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For the review by Mr Jasminder Singh on NEW Simsek Junior: 

NEW SiMSEK JUNIOR is our renewed Traditional Turkish Bow ( Ottoman Bow) for Kids /Teens model based on the previous JUNIOR model we began manufacturing in 2019 by resizing and redesigning some features; especially decreasing the width and thickness of the wings to reduce the weight.

It has all the features and functionalities of the adult-size Hybrid series. Keep in mind that this bow is not a toy, it is a pro weapon.

NEW SiMSEK JUNIOR is an "all-resin" bow, it is manufactured with a specially formulated mixture of synhtetic material.

NEW SiMSEK JUNIOR is very resistant to cold and hot weather, offer comfortable shooting without clogging with a 27 inch.

It is resistant to moisture, which is a major problem for laminated bows. It is absolutely unaffected by water.

Shooting in the rain or in the water is not a problem for NEW SiMSEK JUNIOR.

Because of the production method and the synthetic material used, its durability is perfect and it is highly resistant to most of the beginner mistakes.

Besides its strength, its aestetics and speed is also considered in its design. Because of its resistance to humidity and impact;

it is also suitable for Horseback Archery, Hunting and even Training & Practice. The length from node-to-node is 105cm, total bow length is 110cm.

It is manufactured in 3 categories considering the draw weight:

Light-weight                 : 20~24 lbs (may not be available)

Medium-weight         : 25~29 lbs

Special Edition Heavy-weight : 30-33 lbs (may not be available)


Length - End-to-End :112 cm

Length - Nock-to-Nock:105 cm

Length - Bow String : 94 cm

Brace Height : 16 cm

Draw Length : 27" (recommended)

Draw Weight (std)  : 25~29 lbs

Draw Weight (opt)  : 20~24 / 30~33 lbs


This is the bow Mr Jasminder Singh reviewed in his YouTube channel: